Chrysalis Catacombs

by The Thrown

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Chrysalis Catacombs, a concept album by The Thrown Honoring our Brother and Friend Justin Kalas R.I.P.


released February 16, 2011

ben broge-vox dan wakelee-strings brian keserich-bass mark knerem-drums ==produced by mark knerem & noah buchanan mixed & mastered by noah buchanan



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The Thrown Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Grindcore

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Track Name: Bury Manilow
while you were dieing
i hope you heard the laughter
the laughter of the mad yearning for solace
sorrow is your only friend now
a friend you will never lose
knowing your days are coming to an end
has put a grin on this stone face
with death comes flies
just breathe and always hurt
with your last gasp of air
know you will never be missed
when your gone, I will inhale pure air
no more stale breaths burning the lungs
no more paralyzing thoughts
the memory is wiped clean
of what was and what i never knew
with death comes flies.
dancing on your grave.
(lyrics- ben)
Track Name: Roseanne no holds Barr
crawl space of my heart
packed with webs, and my previous precious 8 lives.
there, past mildew and mold lies the rotting corpse of
your memory. i wont discard you. i keep you close
to my decaying flesh. next to the only organ dark enough to keep you from harm. when your voice rains in my head. I sometimes wear your ribcage like a hood. it
keeps the light away. if your listening, wash this from my eyes. (lyrics-mark)
Track Name: "The Drive"........To Hell
this numbness overwhelms
the secret is locked inside
only the pure can save this soul
no direction is the dead set way
the wake is devastating
the storm only grows
the ships shall sink before dawn
hold fast we leave tonight
the tide lowers as well as the hope
fear becomes the constant
as we rally, pain becomes true
i search the horizon for signs of hope
just close my eyes and pray to sink
the cold is a prayer that will never be answered
frigid waters slow my blood flow
my crystallizing veins
the storm closes in
i offer my soul to the rising sea
she takes it without question
the fear i had has vanished
(lyrics- ben/sean Hayward)
Track Name: The Grail of Hell
pray for me
for my eyes have gone black
as well as this putrid heart
every emotion has wilted and decayed
being born a bastard is a gift that never ends
please take my hand
whisper your fears into my eyes
take the breath from these lungs
in the silence the scream was felt
a shattered soul, looking for an old age remedy.
something proven to kill not mask this terror.
i don’t wish to silence my cries, but rip the
heart out of what i allowed to trap my mind.
but with deafening nightmares, oh the horror
that awaits around every corner. brother vs. brother.
king vs king, im trying to salvage this life, but when
my crown breaks, in the land of shit, they'll sing and sing
but sooner or later they'll refer to me as the suicide machine.
Where have you gone
There was no vow
There was no promise given
There was no word
There was no understanding
Yet still I thought
You would be everlasting
now I am asking
Where have you gone
my mortal still
I dream of days that would be
If you'd fulfilled
the days I dreamed you would see
And still I think
You could be everlasting
so I am asking
(lyrics- Ben/Mark/ Pt.3 melody and lyrics Christine Duncan)
Track Name: Douche Springsteen
bleeding through the shadow
the wrists can only scream so loud
through the darkness there’s a pale sound
the fractured light screams through the glass
with misery crying her name
she shakes violently
reaching out she grabs the hand
its embrace so cold but makes her shine
within a glimpse of the past
the future crumbles before her
as the bodies fall from the sky
her knees decay from blood and dirt
only so much despair can be felt
your hollow heart and dieing eyes i pray it ends
your hollow heart and dieing eyes i pray you feel pain
beauty was crushed with one blow
shattering the remains of a fallen angel
it once again embraces her
a whimper from the throat as the last bubble of life pours from the wound
smile my decrepit bride
sing loud from your wretched throat